2021-2022 Catalog 
    Jan 28, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog

Course Numbering System

All courses are distinguished by number and title.

Lecture and Laboratory Hours follow most course descriptions such as BIOL 1010  .  Other courses may have a total number of hours listed such as CSMO 1600   and some courses include course time within the description such as VTTK 2950  .

  1. For courses such as BIOL 1010 three (3) lecture hours indicates three 55-minute lecture hours each week and the three (3) lab hours indicates three 55-minute lab hours each week.
  2. Courses such as CSMO 1600 list clock hours indicating a total of 45 hours lecture for the course.
  3. Courses such as VTTK 2950 list the total hours of work experience required for the course within the course description.

The following numbers are designated for special variable courses that allow credit for subjects which may not be covered by other courses. Due to the nature of these courses, students transferring to the University of Wyoming or other colleges may need to petition for acceptance of credits. Contact the registrar at the transfer institution if you have a concern.

Course Numbers for Variable Courses

1395, 1895, 2395, 2895 Capstone Courses
1460, 1960, 2460, 2960 Field Studies:
1465, 1965, 2465, 2965 Directed Studies/ Research Problems
1470, 1970, 2470, 2970 Internship/ Practicum
1475, 1975, 2475, 2975 Independent Studies
1480, 1980, 2480, 2980 Cooperative Work Experience
1485, 1985, 2485, 2985 Seminar:
1490, 1990, 2490, 2990 Topics:
1495, 1995,2495,2995 Workshop:
Special courses numbered 1490, 1990, 2490, and 2990 and titled “Topics:” are limited to a maximum of six (6) hours in any one department. No more than six hours will apply toward the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science Degree.

Titles of the individual courses will be entered in the transcript, and registrars of transfer institutions should write to the Vice President for Academic Services for specific course descriptions.